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Welcome to the Koth Consulting website! Please take a few minutes to navigate around the website and learn what we do and how we can help you achieve your goals. 

Koth Consulting embraces an innovative business model that takes advantage of technological advancements from the past few decades to provide consulting services at reasonable rates. This business model was partially inspired by nature. Similar to the way many animal colonies are designed, we eliminated the hierarchy of management layers. Every individual is responsible to be productive and works at the best of his ability to contribute to the team. Experienced professionals making the best use of the latest software and communication tools provide consulting services without the need for large overhead expense.

Fusing modern technology with the organizational values found in nature, we have developed the premiere consulting business model. The Koth Consulting business model keeps licensed professionals actively designing and consulting. We have eliminated the feeling of entitlement symptomatic of an industry that often loses sight of the value of quality design, dependable consultation, and client accessible experience.

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