Lance J. Koth, P.E.

  • Professional Engineer, Virginia, 1994
  • Professional Engineer, North Carolina, 2000
  • B.S. Civil Engineering, Virginia Tech, 1989

Notable Projects and Accomplishments include:

  • Served on Powhatan County’s Architectural Review Board for its entire duration
  • Served on Powhatan County’s Transportation Study Group
  • Member of Powhatan County Public School’s STEM Steering Committee
  • Assisted with curriculum development and teaching at Virginia Tech through the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department’s LDDI concentration.
  • Authored and published a technical manual on the process of innovation, entitled Innovation By Design


Mr. Koth graduated from Virginia Tech in 1989 and became immersed in Land Development and Environmental Engineering. Throughout his career, Mr. Koth has engaged in a wide variety of land development projects and undertakings. He has contributed to the success of projects including subdivisions, commercial site plans, new public and private schools, road design projects, environmental reclamation projects, master planning for communities and campus facilities, funding and proforma analysis, stormwater management compliance, and rezoning cases. Mr. Koth’s experience spans the state of Virginia and into North Carolina. While he calls Powhatan his home, his experience is widespread.


Mr. Koth’s ability to assist in the success of ambitious projects has led him to undertake projects that require unconventional approaches and solutions. By managing such projects, Mr. Koth has honed his ability to think outside the box and manage difficult situations with innovative approaches.

Mr. Koth is spearheading an ongoing case study for bank stabilization. Using a project that required several methods for stream bank stabilization, Mr. Koth is tracking the constructability, cost, and success of the various measures and will continue to report on the challenges and successes.

The Virginia Senate Report that Mr. Koth prepared for the Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is an example of the variety of expertise Mr. Koth has amassed throughout his career. This report was distributed to the Virginia Senate and formed the basis for the Removal of Embrey Dam in Fredericksburg, Virginia.


Mr. Koth has extensive experience in site development and environmental projects. Many of his clients originate from people who have contacted him to solve problems for an ongoing project. Often, this is during construction when it is crucial that a cost effective solution be developed quickly and negotiated successfully with regulatory agencies. His success in this capacity has led to some unique and innovative approaches to problem solving. Mr. Koth draws from these experiences to find cost effective solutions and designs for whatever projects with which he becomes involved.

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