Our Partners

Koth Consulting, P.C. is proud of the team of consultants we have assembled. This association of consultants, scientists and engineers works together to provide comprehensive services to a wide array of clients. The principle behind the team is the belief that company owners have a unique enthusiasm for client service and are the best qualified to manage projects and tasks. In order to keep the business owner involved in projects, it is imperative that the business acts as a small entity with low overhead costs. Through the Team, these small businesses are able to provide comprehensive services at surprisingly reasonable rates. This business model also enables the experienced individuals to stay involved in daily tasks, resulting in the fusion of the technical expertise associated with experience and the innovation realized through the daily challenges of a project.

The business model of The Koth Consulting Team minimizes or even eliminates the waste that is too often found with large corporations. Because the owner of the company fills the role of project manager and is directly involved on a task level, client satisfaction becomes the ultimate measure of success. The corporations that comprise the team also depend on the rest of the team as clients. The result is a dedication to teamwork that ensures long-term relationships. This dedication is directly translated to the client through the enhancement of teamwork and communication throughout the project.

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