John Tyler Entrance Road

The John Tyler Community College Chester campus was in need of an improved entrance. The existing entrance which exited onto Jefferson Davis Highway, did not have a traffic signal. Left turns onto Jefferson Davis Highway were dangerous and caused significant backups into the campus. Koth Consulting work with EEE Consulting to develop construction plans and navigate the regulatory process necessary to successfully bring a new entrance / exit road to the campus. 

Pedestrian safety associated with the project was of utmost importance. A tabletop type crosswalk provides access from some of the more remote parking areas. A reconfigured confluence of entry and access roads provides a smooth traffic pattern for arriving and departing students and faculty. Shoosmith acted as the contractor and worked side by side with Koth Consulting to address construction issues smoothly and with minimal impact to project cost.

Opening in time for the fall semester was crucial so that a change in traffic patterns would not be needed during the semester. This critical date of completion was met and the road opened for the fall semester with an improved traffic pattern that was accepted quickly and proved to be a great improvement over previous conditions.

While the video may not be professional quality (Shot with an iPhone through a sunroof ), it gives the viewer an idea of the new entrance to the campus. The trailers that you see on the left are temporary. Ultimately, this is anticipated to be the main entrance to campus.

The crosswalk is visible in the video and acts as a traffic calming measure as well as a crosswalk to gather pedestrians to a single crossing point, reducing the number of conflict points.

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